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Polaris Yachting Croatia? One of the many Croatia Cruise agencies, that`s for sure. We all do the same business, more or less successful. Trying to offer you the best boat for your cruise or sail vacation in Croatia. We all have great boats in the offer, real floating hotels. We all sail to the most popular destinations, know all the best routes, bays, sunset locations, restaurants, bars, wines…

Are you looking for an affordable Croatia cruise, luxury Croatia cruise, catamaran charter Croatia, gulet charter Croatia, small ship cruises Croatia? I can suggest all of them!

Why choose Polaris Yachting Croatia?

So, why choose Polaris Yachting Croatia instead of some other Croatia Cruise agency? Because of the persons who stand behind that brand. Ivana! Me personally! I call myself „Croatia Cruise Expert“.

Ivana, Polaris Yachting owner

Why I call myself “Croatia Cruise Expert”?

I don`t do this because I need to do something. I do this because I love it and because it is in my veins, in my nurture, in my family. From the moment I was born till today and after today.

My grand grandparents, before more than 100 years, had a boat. After that, my grandparents had (actually, still have) the wooden yacht. That yacht became very popular because only one family sailed on her for more than 40 years. Italian fashion designer family Missoni. On that boat, I made the first nautical steps in my life.

My parents had a boat. That boat has a very special story. It was the US Tug boat that was involved in Invasion on Normandy (D-Day). Yes, WWII! My parents bought it and we converted it to the yacht. I was involved in every step of reconstruction. Every day works in the shipyard. Marketing work. Booking management. Cruising. Being a deckhand and a waitress. Sometimes even a captain!

Now I have my own family and I don`t own the boat. But I am successfully navigating Polaris Yachting Croatia. That is completely my project. And I am now staying at your disposal so that you can have a cruise or sail vacation of your lifetime. As I am not just some salesperson in an agency. I live and work this. I know every segment of this job, the lowest and the highest. I am here blue-collar and white-collar worker.

I live in Krilo Jesenice, the biggest port for private boats in Croatia. 90 % of all Croatia small ship cruises come from there. So, I personally know every boat and every boat owner!

  • I know every part of the boat.
  • I can tell you which cabin to choose from.
  • Which route to take.
  • What to avoid and what not to miss.
  • What`s the tourist trap and what`s a real gem.

I first learned all the practice, then I decided to learn theory. That`s why I graduated in Nautical Tourism and became Tourism Manager with the highest grades. I wrote this just in case a diploma is something that will appeal to you. Although it shouldn`t, everyone can have it. 

I will help you to choose the best boat for your budget. And you will contact me next year again.

Among many other agencies, you will contact Ivana from Polaris Yachting Croatia!

And you will give my contact to your friends.

Think no more, contact me now!

It`s free.

The value which I will give you costs. But the value is higher than the price!

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Ivana, Polaris Yachting Croatia