Dreaming about Croatia cruise, sailing Croatia, gulet charter Croatia, gulet cruise Croatia, yacht charter Croatia or any type of Croatia sailing holidays? Continue to explore our offer! Maybe your ideal sailing holiday in Croatia is to charter a yacht or gulet, come with few of your best friends, embark the boat and start the adventure of Croatia island hopping. But you don`t want usual Croatia island hopping, you want it to be memorable sailing holiday, the one that just Croatian nature beauty can give it to feel with all your senses. To touch that beauty you need to choose ideal yacht or gulet. Let me try to describe you how one of your seven, or if you are lucky enough, fourteen days long sailing holiday in Croatia will look like. Let`s skip and forget packing your stuff at home and airplane, let`s jump in the harbour. This is where your Croatia cruise or Croatia sailing will start. You will be thrilled at first glance after seeing your yacht or gulet floating in the beautiful blue sea. But that is just the beginning, you will see the sea so blue and crystal clean that after your Croatia island cruise you will get the new meaning of the blue colour. Our captain and crew will help you to embark the yacht or gulet, show you the quick preview of the cabins, saloon and, ofcourse, sun deck, your number one place for the next days. As you came to see Croatian islands, as soon as you are ready to go, we will set sails and start the adventure called Croatia island hopping, sailing Croatia, Croatia cruise, gulet cruise Croatia or whatever name you like. Maybe you`ll manage to choose the best name at the end of the adventure. After the beginning, your every day will be as similar as day before but also so different and even better. In short, nice breakfast on board, light sailing to the next island, it`s thrilling hidden bay, where you will have long pause for swimming, diving, fishing or just laying down on sun deck, with a book in one hand and nice, cold cocktail in other. You will think a lot during this Croatia cruise. Think about sea, sun, nice food and drinks. Ofcourse, you will get delicous lunch somewhere between swimming and reading a book. When you get tired of sea and sun for that one day, and after looking at breathteaking sunset, you will get dressed and hot looking, and go trough the doors of breathtaking, summer Croatian nightlife on islands. Hvar nightlife is one of the most famous nightlifes in the world, but just one of them in Croatia. You will feel it and love it. Grab a dinner in the meantime, there is so many nice restaurants on our Croatian islands. I suggest fish, fresh and delicious. Explore the small town, buy some souvenirs then get the party started like there is no tomorrow. Oooooh, but there is, at least so great like this one. Maybe even better! What are you still waiting for?! Pick some of our yachts or gulets and secure your dream Croatia sailing holiday!