How to travel from Split to Hvar?

If you plan to spend your holiday in Hvar town, you are probably wondering what are the options and the best way to travel from Split to Hvar.

How to travel from Split to Hvar?

There are everyday connections from Split to Hvar via ferry and via catamaran.

The ferry carries both cars and foot passengers and catamaran only foot passengers. If you decide to take your car to the island Hvar, the only option to do that from Split is to take a ferry to Stari Grad with Jadrolinija company. There are 6 lines a day in season, starting at 5 am and finishing at 8:30 pm. The price of the ticket is around EUR 6.5 per person and the ride lasts around 2 hours. Detailed sailing schedule you can find here.

You can use the same ferry line if you are a foot passenger. When you come to Stari Grad ferry port you need to catch a bus to Hvar town or you can use a taxi. The bus company is called Cazmatrans and the ride lasts around 20 minutes.  Have in mind that there is no bus line for every ferry, just 2 times a day. The timetable is here.

Jadrolinija ferry

The better option for foot passengers is to take a direct catamaran line from Split to Hvar town. There are two providers on that line, Jadrolinija, and Kapetan Luka. There are many lines a day, some of them have subvention from Government so the ticket price is lower (around EUR 7.5 per person) and some are commercial so the ticket price is double (around 15 EUR per person). The ride lasts for an hour.

Jadrolinija catamaran
Kapetan Luka catamaran

Jadrolinija commercial timetable.

Jadrolinija line with subvention timetable.

Kapetan Luka commercial timetable.

In high season you can use some of these lines easily to make a day trip to Hvar as you can come to Hvar in the morning and get back to Split in the evening.

For any catamaran line to Hvar in high season, we would suggest advanced booking. Tickets guarantee you place on the catamaran, but you don`t get a seat with the number, you can sit wherever you find the place. There is no limitation in luggage size or number.

Come at least 15 minutes before the departure time to get in on time.

The fastest but the most expensive way of Split to Hvar transfer is speed boat transfer. The price is around EUR 400 or more, depends on the boat size and type.

Speed boat transfer

So, there are many options to travel from Split to Hvar, for all budget types and the choice is yours.