Croatia small ship cruises 2020

Croatia small ship cruises 2020 are available from May to October.

Short cruises – bike and boat cruises – one-way cruises

If you are solo or in pair traveler, you cannot afford private full boat charter, or you just want to take a cruise and meet new people, our Croatia cruises are the best choice for you.

Those types of cruises are the most popular way of exploring the Croatian coast and islands. Don`t be among those rare people who have not experienced it as after this cruise you will have an excellent story to share with your friends and family. Not to mention the extraordinary photos you will collect as well as a bunch of new friends across the world.

With guaranteed weekly departures along the whole Adriatic coast, you will find the one that suits you the most.

We have a wide choice of ship categories, routes, and types of cruises.

Choose between: traditional, traditional ensuite, premium, premium superior, deluxe or deluxe superior ships.

Choose between: mini one-way cruises, standard routes, cycle and cruise, walk and hike cruise, deluxe cruises, land, and cruise or special interests cruise.

Feel free to contact us for more details about any sort of Croatia small ship cruises and we will help you choose your ideal type.