Blue Lagoon Croatia tour

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Blue Lagoon in Croatia is not the usual blue lagoon created by the coral reefs found around tropical islands. There are no coral reefs in Croatia but that doesn’t mean that there are no blue lagoons. Blue lagoons in Croatia are usually formed between a number of small islands which are usually separated by the shallow lagoon between them that we like to call blue lagoons.

Since the Adriatic sea around the Croatian islands is always crystal clear the shallow water inside the lagoon is immaculately clear so you can easily see all the way to the bottom of the sea. You can even see all kinds of fishes and other sea animals from the lagoon bottom.

Because the sea inside the lagoons is always “clean enough to drink” you will sometimes find different kinds of sea urchins on the bottom. They are a natural sign that the sea of the lagoon is clear, healthy and not polluted. The sea urchins are not dangerous because they slowly move on the bottom floor. You should only take care not to step on them because of their spikes but since the sea is so clear it is definitively not a problem. You can easily see them even without the snorkeling masks.

Our Blue Lagoon Croatia tour has 5 stops:


Trogir has 2300 years of continuous urban tradition. Its culture was created under the influence of the ancient Greeks, and then the Romans, and Venetians. Trogir has a high concentration of palaces, churches, and towers, as well as a fortress on a small island, and in 1997 was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Trogir is the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex not only in the Adriatic but in all of Central Europe. Trogir’s medieval core, surrounded by walls, comprises a preserved castle and tower and a series of dwellings and palaces from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Trogir’s grandest building is the church of St. Lawrence, whose main west portal is a masterpiece by Radovan, and the most significant work of the Romanesque-Gothic style in Croatia.

Blue Lagoon

On our full-day Blue lagoon Croatia tour from Split we take you to the most famous and the most popular Blue lagoon in Croatia, the blue lagoon of Drvenik and Krknjasi islands. When you enter the lagoon on our Blue lagoon Croatia tour you are immediately enchanted by the color and the transparency of the sea around you.

You will be pleased to hear that we provide the snorkeling equipment on our tour which will give you the perfect opportunity to experience the natural world of the Blue lagoon. Since this is a perfect location for diving, swimming or snorkeling, don’t miss the opportunity to take a memorable experience back home.

This area is known for dolphins, so keep your eye peeled and your camera ready when you come with us to this amazing location.

Maslinica – island Solta

Maslinica is the only village on island Solta’s to be located in the bay on the western shore of the island. This fishing village originated in the 18th century thanks to Venetian noblemen by the name of Marchi who established this village by constructing a castle and a village for the land workers.
The untouched nature and limpid sea attract tourists to a peaceful family holiday, and more recently, Maslinica has also become of interest to yachtsmen and divers.

In 2012 Maslinica received a national award for the best tourist destination in the Adriatic with less than a thousand inhabitants, as an acknowledgment of its intact natural beauty and tourist achievements and in 2017 Maslinica received the national award as the best Authentic Coastal Destination!

Stomorska – island Solta

Stomorska, a village cozily nestled in the north-eastern part of the island, is 12 km away from the main port of Rogac. This small fisherman’s village has only 250 residents. Stomorska is the island’s oldest coastal settlement that had been the home of skilled seamen who owned sailing boats and used them to transport wheat, lime and other products at the time when Solta had to pay levies to Split. Nowadays, sailing boats are used for cruise holidays in the Adriatic.

Milna – island Brac

Milna or as the Venetians called it “Valle di mille navi” (the bay of a thousand ships) is located on the north-west side of the island. The welcoming bays of Milna have always been the favorite port to sailors sailing through the Middle Adriatic. Milna is still reputed as the most beautiful and safest harbor of Brac.  Stone houses along the beautiful long coastline are small masterpieces of plebeian architecture. In the village, there is also a beautiful Baroque church with a typically Dalmatian bell tower. The interior of the church hides impressive works of Venetian masters.  Today, Milna is a popular tourist center and a favorite nautical port. Besides historical sights, its scenic beauty and irresistible charm of a typically Dalmatian “small town”, Milna will enchant you with its healthy Mediterranean cuisine abundant in fresh fish, quality olive oil and home-made wines.

Blue Lagoon Croatia tour starts at 9 am and finishes at 6 pm.

Price of Blue Lagoon Croatia tour: 748 EUR (whole boat rent – 12 person max)

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Snorkeling gear

The tour is not recommended for children under 3, pregnant women and people with serious back problems and injuries.

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