Croatia Small Ship Cruises – Cabin Position

When someone wants to book a Croatia small ship cruise, one of the most common questions I get is should I book the main deck or below deck cabin?

Croatia small ship cruises - cabin.

Each cabin position has it`s own pros and cons. All of Croatia small ship cruises dock in the same port and because of the size of the ports (too small), they dock one on the other. There are often even more than 15 boats docked side by side which means that the closer you are docked to the shore, the more people pass by your cabin on the main deck. A big number of people walking next to your main deck cabin make noise and interrupt your privacy. Pros are that you have a big window on the main deck cabin.

If you choose below deck cabin, you can sleep tight as no one is passing by your cabin. But you won`t have a big window, it is a small porthole because it is very close to the sea surface. Below deck cabins always have lower prices than main deck cabins.


  • More noise and less privacy.
  • Big windows.
  • Higher price.


  • More quiet and more privacy.
  • Small windows.
  • Lower price.

So the final choice is really up to you, it depends on what you prefer and what is your budget.

But at the end of the day, you won`t spend so much time in the cabin as there is plenty of activities to do during the day outside of the cabin.

P.S. On the newest boats, there are cabins with private balconies but that we can discuss in some new post.

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